EARNEST Partners employs a team approach to portfolio management that involves collaboration among our investment professionals across asset classes.  Members of the team engage in every aspect of the investment process, from detailed research and analysis to portfolio management.  The thoughtful deliberation and intense debate that characterizes our investment process enables the best ideas of the team to emerge, such that each security is carefully selected for our clients.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Diversity is our strength

Our investment professionals are hand-selected to represent a wide range of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds.  The team’s members are distinguished by years of hands-on work experience across sectors such as consumer products, energy, financial services, industrials, media, retail, technology, telecommunications and utilities, and nearly all have worked, studied, or lived abroad.  Additionally, the team is comprised of individuals with functional experience including credit analysis, investment banking, marketing, strategy, accounting, engineering and product development.  As a result, we research potential investments from the viewpoint of industry practitioners, rather than solely as analysts, and we have developed the knowledge, the experience and the network of worldwide industry contacts to appreciate the nuances of potential investments.  While academic credentials provide a foundation of intellectual rigor, it is our real-world judgment at the heart of each investment thesis that differentiates our team’s approach to discerning fundamentally sound investment opportunities from those that simply appear attractive.

Experience Matters

Our team’s principals average more than 20 years of investment experience.  They have invested through multiple economic cycles, and seek to look past short-term market reactions, to focus on fundamentally sound, sustainable investment opportunities.  Individuals responsible for our investment track record are active members of the team today, and as with all EARNEST Partners stakeholders, have a personal and vested interest in seeing our clients succeed.