EARNEST Partners is an institutional investment firm with a global network that we believe enables us to see and to seize opportunities that other investors overlook or cannot access.

Global Reach

The firm manages over $20 billion in assets for clients around the world, including corporate pension plans, state and municipal pension plans, jointly-trusteed plans, foundations and endowments.  We also manage portfolios for high net worth individuals through the platforms of some of the largest broker dealers in the world.  In addition to our separate account business, EARNEST Partners is the sole subadvisor for the Touchstone Total Return Bond Fund and the Harbor Small Cap Value Fund. 

The Firm manages Over $20 Billion
in assets for clients around the world.

Local Touch

We are fundamental, bottom-up investors; our investment decisions focus on the merits of individual securities.  We believe the best investment decisions are thoughtfully distilled from a pool of expertise, and we are pleased to offer our clients a team with the experience and the network to assess the relevant geopolitical issues, demographic trends and cultural considerations impacting our investments.  As a component of our due diligence process, investment team members regularly perform company visits across the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Sub-continent.  Collectively, EARNEST Partners' stakeholders have lived and worked in dozens of countries, and are fluent in the language, commerce and culture of diverse economies that represent a significant portion of the world's economic value and future growth. We believe that identifying the most attractive investment opportunities takes the proper focus: a global focus.

EARNEST Partners is a firm built on entrepreneurialism, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.  We are independent, employee-owned and wholly focused on generating investment results for, and providing superior service to, our clients.

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